Fortnite getting Reboot Vans in next week’s 8.30 update

Judy Cobb
April 9, 2019

Well, when a squadmate is eliminated, you simply pick up the Respawn Card they leave behind and take it to a Respawn Van. Reboot vans are a new feature, but they'll seem familiar if you've played Apex Legends.

Once the Reboot Van has been activated, the sound and lights will be a beacon for other nearby players. Once used, the van will be on cooldown and can not be used again for an undetermined amount of time.

Just like in Apex, respawned players won't have any weapons or items when they come back, so you'll need to either protect them as they loot up or you'll need to give them some of the weapons you're now carrying. Players can use squadmates Reboot Cards to activate it at the vans in order to resurrect fallen teammates.

Doc feels that Apex can sometimes feel like a team deathmatch with teams frantically running around the map searching for kills - rather than playing smart in a battle royale.

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Your teammates won't have any items when they bounce back, so they'll need to leech off whoever revived them or scramble to find whatever hasn't already been picked over, but at least you'll have the numbers in your favour again.

The Reboot Vans will have the power to reincarnate fellow player if met the criteria. After the launch of Apex Legends in early February, Fortnite has seen a small drop in player count and popularity on streaming sites like Twitch.

The addition of Reboot Vans is going to be included in v8.30. It's unclear if the reboot vans will be included in the upcoming "Fortnite World Cup." With the reboot van in Fortnite comes a feature that will change the whole game. Well, after a number of leaks and discoveries, the Reboot Vans may come to Fortnite sooner than later, most likely with patch 8.30.

Part of this is due to Apex being a fantastic game in its own right. "Look for further updates during Season 8", they said. As more details available we will keep you updated.

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