NASA will pay you $19K to stay in bed

Cristina Cross
March 29, 2019

Two months! That's a lot of Netflix and chill.

There's a catch - you have to speak German. "Especially in extreme conditions, such as in weightlessness in space, this is a challenge".

The prolonged bed rest is part of a study that launched this week into the effects of weightlessness on the human body.

"Bedrest has always been used to mimic some of the changes our bodies experience in the weightlessness of space".

"The results of the study will help scientists develop more effective countermeasures or preventive measures so that astronauts on the space station do not have to spend most of their day doing sports", according to the German Aerospace Center, where the study will take place.

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A volunteer in a bed rest study in a bed angled 6 degrees below the horizontal.

Scientists believe adding artificial gravity could be key to keeping astronauts healthy during longer missions.

Those chosen to participate in the study will be split into groups, but they'll all be in one room.

Though the study has already begun, DLR is seeking participants for a second phase, which will kick off in September. And you'll have plenty of time to relax and tackle all those books and streaming shows you've had to toss aside due to the annoying demands of everyday life.

To replicate the effects of being in space, the participants will be made to lie with a slight incline and their feet will be elevated above their head and body. The reduced physical stress in space leads their muscles and bones to break down and body fluids to shift toward their head, according to the German Aerospace Center, which was commissioned by NASA and the European Space Agency to conduct the study.

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