Samsung Galaxy S Android Line Facing A Complete Rebranding: Rumor

Judy Cobb
March 26, 2019

Design wise, the Mate X easily beats the Galaxy Fold - there are no notches on the display, and you are getting an nearly edge-to-edge display design that looks really attractive. It's a spectacular device, with an unfortunately spectacular price tag that goes with it. The moving screen, from folding and unfolding, is a concern for longevity. At its conference, Huawei boasted its display panel being 6.6-inch to be larger in size than the ones being offered by Samsung Galaxy Fold and the iPhone XS Max. Either way, we are only expecting 1.5 to 3 per cent growth in the next five years in the smartphone market.

"This right now looks like a solution looking for a problem".

"Today, Samsung writes the next chapter in the history of mobile innovation, materializing everything I did not think possible in a mobile phone". On the one hand, the camera may contain tech of the future - something the brand wants to announce with its upcoming Huawei P30 smartphone, expected at the end of March.

The Huawei Mate X looks like a much better designed solution, and certainly more practical.

"S10 is important in the sense that it will feature some new technologies such as in-screen fingerprint sensor, but most likely it will not be a game-changer in terms of inducing a massive upgrade cycle", said Annette Zimmerman, research director at American researcher Gartner.

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Moving parts scare us - especially when they're in gadgets that cost over $2,000 - but Huawei wants us to rest easy. The way it is done avoids a crease, and overall it's thin.

Alternatively, the Mate X may not have a best-in-class camera given the potential space limitations, while another possibility is that Huawei hasn't ironed out the details when it comes to imaging on this thing, and doesn't want to commit before it's ready to bring it to market.

The Galaxy Fold, by contrast, doesn't suffer from this "problem". Once we get past the cool factor, there needs to be a real productivity boost when jumping to the larger screen, and I'm not sure the Galaxy Fold and Mate X are there just yet.

The Mate X runs a customized version of Android, and, ever aware of folds and unfolds, the interface optimizes itself for tablet or phone orientation in milliseconds.

Galaxy Fold is supposed to be more than a mobile device. Huawei is testing the new device via different means, and still many tests are left. Still, this is clearly a water-test for Samsung - and the others - to see what technology will succeed, and how much users are willing to spend on it. The Huawei Mate X (2299 Euro, 8 GB+512 GB) is priced slightly above the Samsung ($1980, 12 GB+512 GB), but the Samsung is the only devices with a firm release date.

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