May won't support no-deal Brexit without House

Leroy Wright
March 26, 2019

The Prime Minister needs to win over MPs if she is to have any chance of overturning the 149-vote defeat suffered by her Brexit deal.

"I hope that the cabinet will tell the prime minister the game is up", Andrew Bridgen, a Conservative lawmaker who supports Brexit, told Sky News. But so far, there is no signs the twice-defeated deal could make a turnaround.

At one of the most important junctures for the country since World War Two, British politics was at fever pitch and, almost three years since the 2016 referendum, it was still unclear how, when or if Brexit will ever take place.

Monday's vote was put forward by Oliver Letwin, a lawmaker in May's Conservative Party, and came after the prime minister admitted that the deal she had agreed with the European Union after two years of talks still did not have enough support to pass.

Anti-Brexit protesters flooded into central London by the hundreds of thousands on Saturday, demanding that Britain's Conservative-led government hold a new referendum on whether Britain should leave the EU. And he rejected her suggestion that the Withdrawal Agreement, which sets the terms of departure, could be separated from the political declaration of the goals for a future relationship with the EU.

The move reportedly underlined to what extent Theresa May has lost her authority, although she said the government would not be bound by the results of the so-called indicative votes on Wednesday.

With the prime minister short of support - the Northern Irish party propping up her government still opposes her deal - it is not clear when she will bring her divorce agreement back to parliament.

The EU ramped up the pressure today, saying it had completed no-deal preparations as this outcome on April 12 was looking "increasingly likely".

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In EU talks in Brussels on Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron estimated the probability of MPs approving the deal at just five percent, according to a European source.

Lawmakers in a series of vote on Monday - beginning at 2200 GMT - are likely to wrest control of the process from May after twice rejecting the deal she agreed with Brussels.

Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on Monday claimed May had "chickened out" on delivering Brexit this week.

"The country will be divided whatever happens and it is worse to be divided on a lie", a protestor told Reuters News Agency.

"The government repeatedly claims exiting the European Union is "the will of the people". Now a May 22 departure date will apply if parliament rallies behind the British prime minister and she is able to pass her deal.

In center of controversy is the British Prime Minister Theresa May and a nightmare referendum surrounding her. Also, it's reported that hardline Brexiteer including Jacob Rees-Mogg & Iain Duncan Smith demanded May to set a timeline to step done for get their support on the Brexit deal.

Sir Oliver acknowledged that any votes would be advisory rather than binding on the Government and it may take several rounds of voting before a majority is found for any of the options - if one can be found at all.

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