Spycams Have Been Found in Rooms at 30 Hotels in South Korea

Sergio Cunningham
March 21, 2019

Illicit filming has surged with growing use of mobile devices and South Korea's pop music industry is reeling from a scandal over singer and television celebrity Jung Joon-young, accused of having shared videos he took secretly during sex.

According to CNN, the police said that they have arrested four men in connection with the case where they found cameras in 42 rooms from 30 hotels including motels or inns in 10 cities around South Korea.

The footage was sent to a private site, where members paid a monthly fee to access the videos, it added. Soranet, which was shut down a year ago, was a popular site for uploading videos and photos taken using hidden and upskirt cameras. Roughly 1,600 people were filmed in all, per the BBC.

"The police agency strictly deals with criminals who post and share illegal videos as they severely harm human dignity", said an official of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's cyber investigation unit in a statement to Korea Herald.

There were also a number of protests that rallied tens of thousands of women against spy-cam and revenge porn sites under the "My Life is Not Your Porn" slogan, with the protesters asking the South Korean government to protect them and prosecute the individuals caught recording spy-cam videos. Between November 2018 and this month, police said, the service brought in upward of $6,000.

Police Find Pinhole Cameras in 30 Hotels Secretly Filming Guests & Live Streaming- WORLD OF BUZZ
Source CNN

"There was a similar case in the past where illegal cameras were [secretly installed] and were consistently and secretly watched", police said.

In South Korea, motels are a relatively affordable option for many travellers from home and overseas, and a popular destination for couples seeking privacy away from parents or other family members.

The authorities in Seoul have launched initiatives like a special squad of women inspectors who conduct regular inspections of public washrooms across the city.

If convicted, the two main culprits could each face up to seven years in prison, according to police.

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