New Zealand gunman acted alone, but may have had support

Sergio Cunningham
March 19, 2019

Tarrant- a suspected white supremacist - live-streamed the attack from inside the Masjid Al Noor Mosque on Friday shortly after prayers.

Other gun owners argued for their rights to be unfettered, but agreed there was no need for military-style semi-automatic weapons in New Zealand.

"I haven't spoken to her directly but she has reached out, an acknowledgment of what has occurred here in New Zealand", Ardern said a media conference when asked if Facebook should stop live-streaming.

David Tipple, the managing director of Gun City, whose online store sold Tarrant four weapons, said he felt no responsibility for the killings.

The Australian charged with murder in the mass shootings at two New Zealand mosques plans to represent himself and appears "rational", his court-appointed lawyer told the Agence France-Presse on Monday, March 18.

Waikato University law professor Alexander Gillespie said he expected that Tarrant will face multiple murder charges.

On Monday, New Zealand's prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, said she would announce new laws on gun ownership to make it more hard to obtain semi-automatic weapons, such as those wielded by the attacker.

The Prime Minister said an inquiry will look into the circumstances leading up to Friday's attack.

"I will announce a more fulsome set of details once we have worked through the decisions the Cabinet made today", Ardern said, adding that concrete proposals will be announced within 10 days.

A-category firearms include some semi-automatic weapons, Reuters reported, but they must be restricted to seven shots.

New crackdown as the Champs-Élysées burns
Of the near 10,000 Yellow Vests who gathered for the protests, police said that a staggering 1,500 extremists had been identified. Fouquet's - an upscale restaurant popular with politicians and celebrities - was vandalised, as was a Boss menswear store.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has called the shooting an act of terrorism, and the worst-ever peacetime mass killing in the nation's history.

Meanwhile, even United States politicians are pushing gun control for New Zealand, with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mocking the idea of "thoughts and prayers" and calling for "policy change" instead.

Families of the 50 people killed in the Christchurch mosque shootings are enduring an increasingly agonizing wait for the bodies of victims to be released as New Zealand reels from the unprecedented tragedy.

"We detected nothing extraordinary about the licence holder".

At his first court appearance, Tarrant didn't speak but appeared unrepentant, smirking at journalists and flashing an upside down "okay" sign - a symbol associated with white power groups around the world.

The death toll from the massacre stands at 50, with another 50 people injured, after a gunman burst into a mosque and opened fire on worshippers with a semi-automatic rifle and high-capacity magazines, and then attacked a second mosque.

Now even the advertising of weapons is in question, with anger focussed on Gun City's billboard on a busy highway showing a man teaching two children how to shoot.

Bush said he the threat level in New Zealand remained high and New Zealanders would continue to see high vigilance from the police, to ensure everyone in New Zealand feels safe.

Facebook alone removed 1.5 million copies of the clip in the first 24 hours of the shooting, 1.2 million of which were deleted at the upload stage. "On the farm they are a useful tool in some circumstances, but my convenience doesn't outweigh the risk of misuse", John Hart, a farmer and Green Party candidate from Masterton said on Twitter on Monday.

Delhi said on Sunday that five of its nationals were killed, while Pakistan said nine of its citizens were among the dead, including one man who died trying to rush Tarrant.

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