Trump slams handling of Brexit by UK's May

Leroy Wright
March 17, 2019

"And it's a shame that it has to be that way, but I think we will stay right in our lane".

Trump also lamented he was "surprised at how badly it has all gone from the standpoint of negotiating".

After he met Pence at his home previous year, Varadkar told Irish reporters that the two discussed LGBT issues and that the vice-president told the Irish leader that his partner would be welcome at his home.

One of Mr Trump's golf courses is in the County Clare village of Doonbeg.

Mr Varadkar replied: "We have a different opinion, Mr President".

"It's a very complex thing right now, it's tearing a country apart. I hate to see everything being ripped apart now". "It is just a great place", he said.

"We spoke about Brexit".

"While others may make a different decision, we see ourselves at the heart of the common European home which we help to build", he said.

He added that Mr Trump was supportive of the peace process in Ireland and that he wanted to avoid a hard border. "I predicted it was going to happen", he said.

Mr Trump was speaking in the Oval Office after greeting Mr Varadkar.

"I think that the relationship between Ireland and the USA is long-lasting - it's strong", Varadkar told The Washington Post in an interview on Wednesday.

Theresa May loses Brexit vote
Labour MP Jess Phillips said she would support a 21-month extension of the Article 50 oto prolong the withdrawal process. Mr Corbyn argued Mrs May has failed, no longer has the ability to lead, and must change her approach.

For Irish leaders, even a modern figure such as the young, gay, mixed-race Varadkar, the event reinforces historical bonds that translate to tourism, business partnerships and other boons of shared history and language.

"We talked about immigration".

The US president also discussed Varadkar's reputation in Ireland and said that: "The people love him - that's very important".

As is the norm on the St. Patrick's weekend, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is in the White House for the regular meeting.

"Thanks to the Vice President and his sister for a lovely morning at his home".

Pence called Varadkar's remarks at Thursday's breakfast "inspiring words".

Mr Varadkar said that while growing up in Ireland he was fascinated by American politics. He touched on his sexuality in his brief remarks at the breakfast: "I stand here, leader of my country, flawed and human, but judged by my political actions and not by my sexual orientation, my skin tone, gender or religious beliefs". It is found in every country where freedom and liberty are cherished.

"We are, after all, all God's children", he said.

"And that's true of the United States as well, the land of hope, fearless and free".

"Last year you and Karen said that my partner, Matthew, would be welcome to join us, and we're both really honored to accept the invitation this year", Varadkar said. Trump gave it a try, too, and got pretty close, at the final theatrical rite of the Irish visit - the presentation of a crystal bowl of shamrocks.

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