New Zealand PM's office received shooter's 'manifesto' minutes before attack

Sergio Cunningham
March 17, 2019

Christchurch Hospital continued to care for 36 wounded in the shootings, including 11 critically injured.

At a roadblock outside the Al Noor mosque on Sunday, about 40 people were standing in silence near scores of bunches of flowers.

Police said the suspect took seven minutes to travel to the second mosque in the suburb of Linwood, where seven people were killed.

Hungry for any news, families and friends of the victims gathered at the city's Hagley College, near the hospital. Police said more charges would follow.

Huang Yan, the manager of the Christchurch branch of China's Southern Airlines, told Xinhua the mass shooting would bring negative impact on New Zealand tourism as Christchurch has just been recovered from the aftermath of the 2011 deadly natural disaster.

While the main court proceedings will take place in New Zealand, there will be an investigation into Tarrant's background in Australia, according to Prime Minister Morrison.

"I can tell you one thing right now, our gun laws will change", Ardern told reporters on Saturday, saying a ban on semi-automatic weapons would be considered. If the would-be attacker has criminal or terror-based intentions but lacks any criminal or terror-based history, gun control will never stop him.

"Unfortunately, we are all too familiar with the devastating effect a mass shooting has on a faith community", said Meryl Ainsman, chair of the board of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh.

Tarrant is expected to face additional charges and two others are in custody.

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"Fijian hearts are breaking for our brothers and sisters in New Zealand - a place where an atrocity of this nature is shocking nearly beyond comprehension".

"As of last night, we were able to take all of the victims from both of those scenes and in doing so we have located a victim", he said. "I am very sorry to miss your calls and text messages.I am really tired.please pray for my son, me and my daughter.I am just posting this video to show you that I am fully ok", said Wasseim Alsati, who was reportedly shot three times.

The victims of Friday's shooting included immigrants from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Business Standard reports that Tarrant allegedly used "two semi-automatic rifles, two shotguns and a lever-action weapon".

Kardashian tweeted Saturday, "Just 24 hours after the Christchurch shooting New Zealand bans semiautomatic guns!" Patients ranged in age from 2 years old to almost 70, according to David Meates, chief executive of the Canterbury District Health Board.

Tarrant on Saturday was charged with only one count of murder, though Prime Minister Ardern assured the public that more charges will be added as the judicial process continues.

New Zealand's stricken residents have been reaching out to Muslims in their neighbourhoods and around the country, with a fierce determination to show kindness to a community in pain. There are an estimated 1.5 million firearms in New Zealand, which has a population of only five million, but the country has had low levels of gun violence.

He said the Fijian people stood with their Pacific family in this time of suffering and sadness, and we condemn all forms of hatred and terror.

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