Mob Boss Murder: Gambino Crime Family Head Gunned Down at His Home

Leroy Wright
March 17, 2019

A caller to 911 said that as many as seven shots were heard, but police have not reported how many times Cali was hit.

Once Cali was on the ground, the driver stood over him, firing multiple times - as if to make sure the victim was dead - before calmly walking back to his pickup truck and driving away, the Daily Beast reported.

He was pronounced dead at a hospital. At least 12 shots were fired.

The body of mafia crime boss Paul Castellano lies on a stretcher outside the Sparks Steak House in NY after he and his bodyguard were gunned down December 16, 1985.

Investigators are probing whether Cali's slaying was sanctioned by New York's five families, or whether it was the work of a rogue gunman, sources say.

Rising Gambino family mobster John Gotti allegedly ordered the hit on Castellano.

The reputed head of New York's Gambino crime family, Frank Cali, has been killed outside his home, the city's police have told United States media.

New Zealand Mosque Suspect Appears in Court
Ms Arden stated the deadly attacks was one of New Zealand's "darkest days" and vowed to change the country's current gun laws. Shamir Khan, 25 and three other men from his family, were at the Al Noor Mosque, one of the two mosques attacked by gunmen.

His only mob-related criminal conviction came a decade ago, when Cali pleaded guilty in an extortion conspiracy involving a failed attempt to build a Nascar track on Staten Island. He died in prison in 2002.

Weiss also adds that it's unlikely that the assassination was organized by any other organized crime family that may still operate in New York City as many have aimed to stay out of the limelight in recent years.

Business Insider said Cali essentially was in charge of New York City's city's food industry and was worth an estimated $30 million. "The word that I'm hearing is this: That there's old school tension and friction".

He began ascending within the ranks under capo John D'Amico, who went by Jackie and became the family's acting boss in 2005 - after which Cali became an acting captain, according to court documents.

One of the most notorious gangs of NY is at the center of a new mob murder mystery.

Last October, Bonanno crime family associate Sylvester Zottola, 71, was gunned down at a Bronx McDonald's drive-thru as he waited for a coffee. At a 2008 bail, a prosecutor said Cali was seen "as a man of influence and power by organised crime members in Italy".

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