Steam is bringing their game streaming to Android

Judy Cobb
March 16, 2019

While Microsoft and Google are getting ready to duke it out over their cloud gaming services, Valve still has a foot in the market.

Right now Steam Link Anywhere is in early beta, but you can try it out by downloading the 688 beta build.

This means you can play your Steam games on a PC not tied to your network.

Now, just ahead of GDC next week, Valve has announced "Steam Link Anywhere", which will allow you to stream your PC games, well, anywhere. The only requirements are that you have a good upload connection from your gaming computer and a good download connection from the device you want to play on.

The platform is compatible with the Steam Link and any device running the Steam Link application.

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Once you've got that all set up, open up the Steam Link app on your Android device.

Less glamorous than cross-network gameplay, the boring-sounding news about the addition of new APIs to the Steamworks SDK is actually quite notable: The extensions give developers access to Steam's network backbone and packet management skills - honed via its DOTA 2 and Counterstrike: Global Offensive experience - for multiplayer games.

In order to access the beta, you'll need to opt-in to the Steam client beta on desktop and have the latest version installed. Don't expect to go improving your DMC5 scores when playing from the other end of the country, but at least you'll be able to sneak in a lunch break round of Civ via your under-powered work tablet.

Game streaming is becoming more and more popular as time goes on.

So, even though the Steam Link is gone, it seems Valve wasn't planning on letting Steam Link's functionality disappear too.

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