Lampitt Statement on President Trump's Proposed US Department of Education Budget Cuts

Pearl Mccarthy
March 15, 2019

"It is not that Americans are taxed too little, it is that Washington spends too much", White House Office of Management and Budget acting director Russ Vought said in an opinion piece published today.

"We're also finding waste, fraud, and abuse", Vought added.

Within the NIH, the National Cancer Institute is to have $900 million cut from its budget of $5.2 billion, while the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) will see $750 million cut from its $4.75 billion allocation. While details in the budget document are sparse, it appears the administration wants to replace the existing state waiver process for testing changes with a new national program granting states unfettered flexibility to customize their Medicaid programs, accompanied by tight federal spending caps.

"The proposal would reduce housing benefits for the lowest-income people by slashing federal investments in affordable homes, increasing rents, and imposing harmful work requirements on America's struggling families", said Diane Yentel, head of the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

At the moment the budget will be debated - probably in mid-October - presidential campaigns will be intensifying and Trump's interests may be closer to the primaries than to actually getting something out of Congress.

"One of the things that we find unacceptable is with a trillion dollar deficit and $22 trillion in debt, we eliminate programs because we believe they are ineffective".

House votes to release Mueller report publicly
They do not require release of the report but also do not prevent Barr from giving the entire document to Congress . He said he has no reason to believe that Barr won't follow the regulations.

The administration argues that the budget doesn't cut Medicare benefits to seniors but makes better use of taxpayers' dollars and helps reduce Medicare spending by lowering prescription drug costs. "Hospitals are less and less able to cover the cost of care for Medicare patients; it is no time to gut Medicare".

Neal is the latest member of Massachusetts' congressional delegation to take issue with the president's 2020 spending plan.

President Trump's 2020 budget request of an extra $291 million to fight the spread of H.I.V., experts said on Tuesday, will not be remotely sufficient to meet the goal he announced in his State of the Union address: to almost eliminate the AIDS epidemic in the United States within 10 years. It adds work requirements - hard to administer and sometimes counterproductive - to key safety-net programs such as Medicaid, housing assistance and food stamps. The budget also includes $8.6 billion for the completion of a wall to secure the southern border.

The transition to single-payer would be fairly rapid, with the Sanders plan calling for full-scale implementation in just four years, and another plan recently introduced by House Democrats calling for a two-year timeline, meaning doctors would face a sudden payment cliff.

It will cause a knock-down, drag-out fight between Democrats and the White House, with no compromise on the horizon, they said.

Trump's 2020 budget, released Monday, calls for a 15 percent funding drop for the Department of Agriculture, citing "overly generous" subsidies. "And now it's the Democrats' plan versus the Republican plan to cut Medicare". "And it's not fair to the people that have been paying in for years and now all of the sudden they want to. cut".

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