Android Q will break clipboard manager apps

Judy Cobb
March 15, 2019

We've been begging Google to give us a screen recording feature for ages, and while the company has worked on in the past, this is the first time you can actually try it out. You can pick between different accent colors, headline and body fonts, and icon shapes. Among the accent colors there's blue (the default), black, green, and purple.

When I first leaked Android Q back in January, there was one feature that I really wanted to show off but sadly couldn't because it wasn't fully implemented: the experimental desktop mode. Sometimes, however, those changes entail removing privileges and access to features that some developers and users may have become accustomed to. It's understandable for things like navigation apps, but for your delivery app of choice, not so much.

Apps will also have access to a quick settings panel that will include all the settings a user would need to update before using an app. Google offers a browser app as an example, which would have a settings panel that includes items like Airplane Mode, WI-Fi, and Mobile Data.

This is a small but important feature because you no longer have to dig into the Settings app to figure out how to tailor an app's alerts.

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Google's VP of Engineering Dave Burke penned a blog post on the Developers Blog that lists the highlights of Android Q. Beta 1 focuses on improving user privacy and security, which includes preventing "more control over location". It will only be available throughout the testing period, so once the stable Q release drops, this app will go away.

While some camera apps take a stab at portrait mode, chances are your phone's camera app has the most realistic depth effects. However, it does also lock out legitimate apps that use clipboard data for other purposes, like passing them to a PC for seamless copying and pasting between devices. Google says it's working with device partners to make Dynamic Depth an open format available across devices running Android Q and later. It is worth noting that unlike what happened with Android 9 Pie past year, Google is making its Android Q beta 1 available non-developers as well. We're particularly interested in the compatibility tweaks Google has added to make Q work with folding phones.

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