Viral Tweet Brings Customers to Doughnut Shop

Roman Schwartz
March 14, 2019

The thoughtful tweet by the owner's son, showing his father's disappointment at an empty shop, transformed it into a packed house with lines out the door.

Billy By helped spread the word about his dad's donut shop - and now they're consistently selling out donuts. The tweet went viral and over thousands of people rushed to the store to buy doughnuts and make the father happy. This prompted some Twitter employees to pay a visit to Billy's Dount Shop - and they bought out the whole store for all the customers, By wrote on Twitter.

It all started last Sunday, March 10, when Billy By, a concerned son, tweeted a photo of his dad, Satharith By, who looked lonely when no customer showed up in their newly opened donut shop in Missouri City, Texas. The tweet soon went viral and the good people on the internet decided to make the man happy by visiting the store. Soon enough, the sales of the shop were hitting the roof and the owner was definitely left with a smile.

When Son Posts Photo of Sad Dad in His Empty New Donut Shop, the Tweet Attracts Hundreds of Customers
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Shortly, Billy also posted their store's exact address with its operating hours. New York Police Find Lost Engagement Ring, Twitter Helps Officers Track Down the Couple.

The tweet quickly went viral, ad has since been retweeted more than 264,000 times and liked more than 564,000 times. Photos show people lining up and buying bags and boxes full of doughnuts and other candies. What's more like a cherry on the cake is the official Twitter account talking about it too. Maybe the clientele just needed some direction as to where their favorite donut shop moved to, but now that they know they'll be back.

By Sunday afternoon, the shop had "completely sold out of donuts and kolaches", By tweeted, adding: "You are all awesome".

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