Sega Halts Sales of Judgement in Japan Following Actor's Cocaine Arrest

Judy Cobb
March 14, 2019

Besides serving as the voice and model for Judgment's yakuza Kyohei Hamura, Taki also played the voice of Olaf in the Japanese version of Frozen as well as the newly released Kingdom Hearts III. SEGA already admitted it's deleting tweets related to the game in addition to the sales blackout. For example, one of Yakuza 4's playable characters was recast when it made its way to the PS4 in Japan, again due to cocaine abuse.

For those of you wondering why the publisher has taken such drastic action over a bit of cocaine use, Japan's drug laws are still incredibly strict compared to the rest of the world. However, Taki was arrested last night, and a urine test turned up positive results for cocaine. Judgment, which is called Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon in Japan, features the voice and likeness of Mr Taki - who plays a Yakuza gangster called Kyohei Hamura. At the moment, it's stopped all digital and physical sales of the game, which has been out in Japan since December and which was (is?) going to be released stateside this coming June.

"Sega has received the arrest reports and are now confirming the facts, but for the time being, we will voluntarily refrain from shipments and digital sales of [Judgment], as well as from things like posting the product's homepage".

Sega Stops Sales Of Yakuza Spinoff Judgment In Japan After Actor Arrested For Alleged Cocaine Use

No word on whether western release is affected. Sega has not indicated any other course of action regarding the title at this time.

"The arrest of Taki by Japan's equivalent of the Drug Enforcement Agency is an embarrassment to Sega".

According to Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki, Sega is now discussing how this situation regarding the Japanese retraction of Judgment will affect the western release of the Yakuza-spin off, which is now scheduled for release on PS4 June 25. "Video game fans are nothing if not diligent, and bootleg translations of foreign games crop up fairly frequently", says games journalist Elliot Gardner.

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