Man Wins $273M Jackpot After Divorcing His Wife; Ex-wife Reacts

Roman Schwartz
March 10, 2019

Mike's rags to riches story, which has the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster hit, started when a mystery good samaritan returned his winning ticket to a shop where he'd left it the day before.

"He's not appealing to me all of a sudden because he has this money", she told the outlet.

On Sunday night during a snow storm, Weirsky got around to checking his numbers - and realized he was holding the winning ticket.

"I was a bum in high school, I was a bum after", he said with a laugh.

"I truly wish him well ... though I know he doesn't believe that", she said, according to the Post.

"I'm not going after anything".

A store clerk named Phil Campolo told NBC that he's the one who turned them in. "You tell me - what's the moral thing to do?"

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"I was very thankful there was an honest person out there because I thought it was gone", he said.

Weirsky said the lottery win would change everything for him.

He told lottery officials his mother did not believe him when he said he had won the jackpot prize, so he returned back to the store during a snowstorm to confirm that he had won.

"I'm gonna give him something yes, but I'm gonna keep that private, " he said. "I don't think anybody should be taken advantage of". He hasn't worked for years, and for the past year had been unable to secure even a job interview. Ironically, he says that he finally got a call for his first job interview just days after he won the jackpot - but now, he plans on using the money to buy his mother a new auto and take his family on a vacation before consulting with lawyers on what to do next. He also wants to take his family on a vacation.

"I always wanted to know what it would be like to be able to just wake up and be able to go somewhere, buy something".

The 54-year-old divorced man said he had been looking for work for about a year and wasn't having much luck - that is, until Wednesday's good fortune.

The grocery store, QuickChek in Phillipsburg, got a $30,000 bonus check for selling the winning ticket.

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