Motorola may reboot its vintage flip phone in 2019

Judy Cobb
March 9, 2019

Like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Motorola's foldable flagships will likely arrive powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 paired with at least 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The announcement of the new foldable phone is expected to coincide with 15th anniversary of the first Motorola RAZR smartphone. If rumors making the rounds online are anything to go by, Motorola is gearing up to breathe new life into the brand by launching a new foldable phone under the coveted series. The Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X have a vertical hinge down the center of their folding displays.

Images from a design patent filed by Motorola in 2017. Execs at the company did confirm that it was an ongoing project, but declined to give specifics.

Things get interesting when the phone is unfolded.

XDA-Developers report on some leaked code which is believed to be from this Motorola folding phone which reveals the capabilities of the outside screen. It says the Verizon-branded phone is now codenamed "Voyager" internally, and will echo the Galaxy Fold in having a secondary display on the outside for when the main screen is folded up.

The screen doesn't offer the full Android experience, and is apparently limited to select system apps. And finally, the outlet reports that the outside screen might show a separate wallpaper when the phone is closed.

A total of six Quick Settings tiles can be configured on the display, giving you easy access to various phone functions when the primary display is folded.

Motorola’s folding phone will bring the glorious return of the external screen (details)
The foldable Motorola RAZR could support these unique features

The main camera can be used for taking selfies as the secondary display can act as a viewfinder while the main one will take the photo with a single tap or a swipe. A countdown timer can also be shown through the dual screen.

Meanwhile, the external display will work as a trackpad for scrolling apps and lists on the primary display when that's unfolded.

This is said to be in the test phase at Motorola and is now limited to simple functions, such as scrolling Google Chrome webpages up and down.

Motorola is testing the Moto Display app to show a clock, pulsing notifications, and controlling media via the external display. A RAZR foldable phone would have an internal foldable screen, as well as an external display, very much like the original RAZR phone.

Basic Google Assistant integration also seems to be on the cards, as an Assistant animation can reportedly be enabled on the outside screen.

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