Google Duplex assistant is coming to more states and restaurants

Judy Cobb
March 9, 2019

The feature has been pushed to all Pixel phones across 43 U.S. states. The Google Assistant feature was built using Google Duplex technology, an AI system that can hold more personalized and realistic human-computer interactions. Notably, India already has assistant support to host Duplex, but the final answer still remains to be seen. Google Duplex, which lets you instruct the Assistant to make calls on your behalf, looked like a sci-fi marvel that was also kind of creepy. But Google made some progress since then, addressing concerns in the process.

The Duplex national tour is rolling out to nearly every state in the US. All you have to do is open the Assistant on your Pixel smartphone and say something like: "Book a table for two people at [restaurant name] tomorrow night". Concerns about Google's nondisclosure of some processes within its Duplex app have emerged ever since the company initiated a demo a year ago. "Once your reservation is successfully made, you'll receive a notification on your phone, an email update and a calendar invite so you don't forget". First of all, you have to provide the restaurant name, along with the intended date and time for the reservation. Google said it will continue to upgrade and remodel the system based on feedback from consumers and analysts who will use the AI-powered reservation service.

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Google promises that in the coming weeks Duplex should arrive on more Android and iOS devices and that its AI should improve over time depending on usage.

Google on Wednesday announced that its artificial intelligence-powered Duplex feature for the virtual assistant can now call in your restaurant reservations in 43 USA states.

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