Huawei P30 Series Teased in Official Video Ahead of March 26 Launch

Judy Cobb
March 8, 2019

Huawei will unveil the P30 Pro in full on March 26. The Huawei Nova 4e could reportedly be a cheaper variant of the Nova 4 with limited features.

Our knowledge of the Huawei isn't all due to leaks though; a lot we know about the P30 comes from having reviewed and used the Mate 20 Pro (which, in our opinion, is still the best phone out there at the moment). Even though Huawei hasn't confirmed it officially yet, the P30 Pro is tipped to offer 10x hybrid zoom, an impressive upgrade over the 5x hybrid zoom offered by the Mate 20 Pro.

Left to right 1x zoom 5x zoom 10x zoom. IMAGE Huawei
Left to right 1x zoom 5x zoom 10x zoom. IMAGE Huawei

He did say, though, that it would do "something nobody [has done] before".

According to Android Central, the "top end" P30 smartphone will sport a periscope-style zoom camera that's apparently capable of significantly higher zoom levels compared to its predecessors. That would be an impressive technical feat, but, like moving parts of any kind, also a probable point of weakness if the phone is dropped. A periscope-like telephoto lens would certainly help but all previous leaks of the P30 range suggested the upcoming Android flagships aren't particularly bulky, yet anything offering 10x optical magnification is bound to have a camera bump. Suppose Huawei is using a similar system for the P30 Pro, it stands to beat Oppo as the first to launch a device with that kind of technology in the mainstream market. But Huawei said that they will show "something nobody has done before". Wong additionally added that the P30 Professional would ship a significant improve for low-gentle images. If true, the phone's superzoom feature and enhanced night mode capabilities look promising. Based on the teaser image Huawei posted for its event that's to take place on March 26 in Paris, as well as a shot of the Moon that Huawei CEO Richard Yu posted to Weibo, this phone's camera might be pretty legit in the zoom department.

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