Delhi Most Polluted Capital, Gurugram Worst City: Greenpeace Study

Cristina Cross
March 6, 2019

Residents in India's capital city were exposed to more than ten times the safe amount of air pollution on an average day, a study has shown.

Gurugram, in the National Capital Region, is the most polluted city in India and the world - with an average air quality index at 135.8, recorded a year ago. Since many cities, particularly in Africa, do not have up-to-date public air quality information, the actual number of cities exceeding PM2.5 thresholds is expected to be much higher, the report authors said.

Researchers focused on the amount of PM2.5s because they are the smallest and most harmful type of airborne particles because they lodge deep in the lungs. PM 2.5 includes pollutants such as sulphate, nitrate and black carbon.

"You do have other places with similar levels of emissions, but because you have far fewer people [there] it doesn't lead to this kind of... catastrophic level of air pollution", he said.

India, the world's fastest-growing major economy, makes up 22 of the top 30 most polluted cities, with five in China, two in Pakistan and one in Bangladesh.

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Delhi had an average yearly PM2.5 concentration at 113.5 micrograms per cubic metre, followed by Dhaka at 97.1 micrograms per cubic metre.

A recent study by Greenpeace has revealed that India ranks third on the world's list of most polluted countries.

File photo: traffic piles up at a junction in Delhi emitting scores of vehicle smoke in the air. It also misrepresented the EPA's Air Quality Index. The first 50 cities in the list are from India, China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Every single measured city in the Middle East and Africa exceeds the World Health Organization guidelines, as well as 99% of cities in south Asia and 89% in east Asia. Climate change alters atmospheric conditions in multiple ways, for instance, reducing the wind speed that prevents pollutants from dispersing.

But critics have accused his administration of failing to adequately address environmental issues, including air pollution, and criticised New Delhi's recently-minted National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) as insufficient.

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