This is what the weather will be for tonight's supermoon extravaganza

Cristina Cross
February 23, 2019

While this will be smaller than the one on Tuesday, it will be "significantly larger" than the smallest full moon of the year, said the spokesman. This moon will be at its closest to Earth at 4:07 am EST (0907 GMT).

"If you were to have a picture of your big, bright supermoon and a normal moon, it would look bigger and brighter if you're able to compare them", Dr Tucker said.

Supermoons occur when we get a full moon near or at the point when the moon's orbit is closest to Earth, also called the perigee of its orbit.

Another Supermoon had previously occurred in January with a slightly more distant perigee- 583 km farther away.

A supermoon (a term that some astronomers don't care for) happens because the moon's distance from Earth varies during its orbit around our planet.

November 2016 was the closest that the moon has been to the earth.

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The term "snow moon" is the historic name given to the second full moon of winter by certain Native American tribes in the US, according to NASA.

"The moon will look extremely large when it rises and sets". Heavy snowfall is also the reason for its alternative and more grim name, the "hunger moon".

Astronomers call it "perigee", and when the Moon reaches its closest distance on February 19, it would seem to be much bigger and brighter than an ordinary full moon. On these evenings, visitors can catch telescopic views of the moon, stars and more through Chamberlin's historic, 28-foot long, 20-inch-aperture Alvan Clark-Saegmuller refracting telescope.

Another supermoon will arrive this week following the celestial event late last month.

Now, local stargazers may feast their eyes on the biggest full moon of the year - the February "snow" moon. However, this supermoon will be extra special as it also marks the moon's closest approach to Earth all year. If you wish to watch the event live on your computer, you can head over to Virtual Telescope Project website to see the Moon rise above on the Rome skyline. If that happens, there's still the third and final supermoon of 2019, which comes in exactly four weeks on March 19.

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