Microsoft might bring Xbox Games Pass to the Nintendo Switch

Judy Cobb
February 23, 2019

That said, we're still intrigued by recent rumors that Microsoft could be bringing certain Xbox One games-and a version of its Xbox Game Pass subscription service-to the Nintendo Switch and other consoles.

Thurrott reported today that Microsoft is trying to expand where Xbox Game Pass is available, including Switch.

As the current scuttlebutt has it, an Xbox app to be released for the Switch would let players with an Xbox Game Pass subscription play a selection of Xbox One games on Nintendo's hardware. Bu leveraging Microsoft's more global infrastructure for that streaming, they can position the Switch as the ultimate handheld.

The latest rumors suggest we could see an official Xbox app that also packs in access to Xbox Games Pass, Microsoft's Netflix-style streaming service for games - and support for Microsoft's Project xCloud technology, that will allow those games to be streamed to any number of Windows PCs and portable devices. Ori and the Blind Forest is specifically mentioned as a game that would be a good fit for Switch.

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Jeux Video's report also doesn't specify whether Cuphead and Ori on Switch would be ports of their original Xbox One/PC versions that would run natively on the Switch, or streamed versions that are playable through Project xCloud. The report was later backed up by GameInformer's Imran Khan - the reported who recently claimed that Nintendo is planning to revive a dead and buried game. The game's website also says that other games published by Microsoft are "not out of the question".

Nintendo and Microsoft have an existing partnership, thanks to Minecraft's cross-platform play. Microsoft is now losing that war pretty badly, as measured purely by hardware sales (Microsoft says that is not how it measures things, for what it's worth).

If this is true though, this is a big move by Microsoft and Nintendo, and one that seemingly leaves PlayStation out in the cold.

Letting previously exclusive games and services outside the Xbox hardware ecosystem probably wouldn't help the consumer appeal of Microsoft's own console offerings.

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