Cost of Washington state's measles outbreak jumps over $1 million

Pearl Mccarthy
February 22, 2019

"We're talking about 162 people that have been pulled from the agency away from their regular jobs to actually support this outbreak investigation".

In rare cases, it can lead to pneumonia, brain damage, blindness, deafness, and even death.

The first confirmed outbreak of measles occurred in February and since then, eight other cases have been confirmed by Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH).

The disease is highly contagious, spreading through virus-laden droplets after an infected person coughs or sneezes.

According to IH, 86 per cent of two-year-olds in the Thompson-Shuswap region have received their MMR vaccines.

"Utilizing the school system to get our immunization rate up is something we should consider", Fleming said. Symptoms usually develop 10 to 12 days after exposure and include fever, cough, runny nose and inflamed eyes. Education Minister Rob Fleming says there are some parents who don't get their kids shots because of reasons beyond religious and medical. About one person in 3,000 with measles can die from complications.

Unvaccinated children aged 5 and below are at highest risk of the disease, Health Undersecretary Eric Domingo earlier said.

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The number of people with measles held steady at 67 on Tuesday, but Clark County Public Health has identified more potential locations where people might have been exposed to measles.

A 1998 United Kingdom study that suggested the MMR vaccine was linked to autism in children has always been discredited, but still influences people in choosing not to vaccinate.

The vast majority of people affected by the current outbreak were not vaccinated against the virus. A comprehensively discredited study by a doctor who was struck off the medical register for serious professional misconduct over how he carried out the study, is the likely source of the thoroughly debunked myth that vaccines cause autism.

"I think youth have adapted along with the Internet and have a better sense of which sources are reliable, and with so much information there now, can compare information easily", she said.

"The change in immunization schedule may have resulted in fewer opportunities to provide the second dose of MMR containing vaccine prior to the seventh birthday, explaining the drop in measles and mumps coverage in 2018", says the report. Measles remains a common affliction in many areas of the world, including in parts of Europe, Asia, the Pacific and Africa. There is a number of individuals who are not open to the messages that we have to say because they're very set in their ways.

"When people get vaccinated, they are protecting themselves and their community".

Dr. Amanda Cohn, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pediatrician, has three daughters at The Epstein School and Riverwood High School. There is also a single case reported in King County, bringing the statewide total to 64, according to the state Department of Health (DOH).

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