Apex Legends possibly coming to mobile and with cross-platform play too

Judy Cobb
February 13, 2019

But the newly released Apex Legends is already threatening to make Fortnite as passé as the games that title surpassed previous year. However, according to Games Radar today, Redditors have reported that the number of Titanfall 2's concurrent players has risen across the board since Apex Legends debuted.

In 8 hours of release, the game reached 1 million players. "Just because of the large population, you can avoid stream-snipers". And Jefferies said Fortnite's viewership on the video game streaming site Twitch was "basically chopped in half" in the days following the Apex release. Indeed, it took Fortnite the best part of six months to climb to 45 million players, and if EA's rival shooter continues at this sort of pace, that record will be decimated.

The launch of EA's new battle royale game Apex Legends completely shattered the expectations of what a new release can do on Twitch, with 50% more viewership than League of Legends.

Currently, Apex Legends only supports squads of three players.

Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Tournament Final Standings
Solo and Duo modes might be coming to Apex Legends

Respawn's new title is another free-to-play title, which is likely vital to its rampant success so far. That means Fortnite (which has pretty much been at the top of the gameplay chart for each platform since early a year ago, only dropping occasionally) is now facing some serious competition from Apex Legends. And of course, it's a true free-to-play game where you only need to spend money if you want characters and items quickly.

For now, Epic Games probably doesn't have too much to worry about. This is still exciting news for mobile gamers, though.

Would you like to play Apex Legends on your smartphone or tablet? Furthermore, the group drop-in system gives teams a more efficient way to land in close proximity to each other; no fall damage is like a gift from the gaming gods; and respawning downed teammates gives players a second chance to get back in to the fight.

And Apex Legends appears to be growing fast.

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