‘I’m not going anywhere’: Virginia Gov

Leroy Wright
February 11, 2019

Almost 60 percent of African-Americans in Virginia want Gov. Ralph Northam to remain in office despite the recent scandal surrounding a racist photo on the Democrat's 1984 medical school yearbook page, according to a poll released Saturday. There's no better person to do that than a doctor. "And that's why I'm not going anywhere", Gov. Northam told CBS' Gayle King. "And that's why I'm not going anywhere".

In an interview that aired Monday on "CBS This Morning", Northam also referred to enslaved Africans as "indentured servants from Africa" before acknowledging that such a practice was slavery.

Virginia lawmakers are facing calls to attempt impeachment of the state's second most powerful leader as they struggle to address sexual assault allegations leveled against Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax.

Gov. Justin Fairfax, who is accused of sexually assaulting two women during his 20s, stoking the political bonfire consuming Virginia's Democratic leadership.

"It's obvious from what happened this week that we still have a lot of work to do", Northam said in the interview, conducted at the Executive Mansion. A spokeswoman said in a statement, "The Lt. Governor is aggressively exploring options for a thorough, independent, and impartial investigation of these allegations".

"I believe and trust that due process will provide the fairness, justice and honesty that is necessary", Fairfax said in a statement on Saturday. If they were all to resign over these controversies, Virginia could be led by the Republican Speaker of the House of Delegates, Kirk Cox.

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The woman, identified as Meredith Watson, claims Fairfax raped her in 2000 when they were both students at Duke University in North Carolina. In August 2017 a far-right supporter drove his vehicle into a crowd of counter protesters, killing one, following a white supremacist rally in the Virginia town of Charlottesville. Fairfax has called for an investigation.

In other news, is Ralph Northam really at the point already where he feels comfortable commenting on OTHER PEOPLES' issues with racist "blackface?" "To do so, would violate any principles I have of faith that says a person can not change", he told AFP.

Before leaving for the service in Chilhowie, a small town in the state's rural southwest corner, Northam doubled down on his determination to stay in office, pledging to promote racial reconciliation in the remaining three years of his term. The governor first apologized for the photo, then retracted that apology saying it was not him in the photo and he confused it with the other time he wore blackface for a Michael Jackson contest in 1984, promised to watch "Roots" to educate himself, and has thus far refused to resign.

Virginia slid deeper into crisis on Wednesday, when Attorney General Mark Herring acknowledged wearing blackface at a college party in 1980, and Fairfax was publicly accused of sexual assault for the first time.

"What I have just expressed is the truth".

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