Microsoft begs you to stop using Internet Explorer

Judy Cobb
February 10, 2019

You see, Internet Explorer is a compatibility solution.

In a recent blog post, Microsoft warned of the "perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser".

We are not supporting new web standards for this, while many sites work excellent, large and developers are not experimenting and testing for Internet Explorer these days.

The security expert also explained why companies need to be aware of their "technical debt", as they are paying for extended support of older software. Microsoft has made it clear that Internet Explorer is not a viable browser and the company doesn't want anything to do with it anymore. They don't use Internet Explorer for the same, anymore.

Microsoft is said to be making a new browser similar to Google Chrome but not a lot of details are known about it only that this new browser will be ready for testing in the coming weeks.

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In a new blog post, Jackson said that, for some organizations, using Internet Explorer as the default for all situations "is the 'easy button, ' because, well, most of your sites were designed for Internet Explorer, so...just...always use it, ok?"

In 2015, Microsoft had announced that Microsoft Edge would replace Internet Explorer as the default browser on its Windows 10 devices. Having one place for employees to go for their internet needs eliminates confusion around which browser to use and when.

However, Edge has struggled to make a mark due to stiff competitors like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

He added that it's generally OK for people to use Internet Explorer in an enterprise environment, but they would better protect themselves if they switch to a newer browser. This is because some businesses still use it for their web page and web apps.

The reason why some companies are sticking to Internet Explorer is because it supports legacy web apps. Rather than spending resources to make them compatible with the new-age browsers, they continue to use them because they were created to be used with it.

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