Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren officially announces presidential bid

Leroy Wright
February 10, 2019

To no surprise, Warren drew sharp contrasts between herself and President Donald Trump, painting the president as a cancerous disease, while promoting her progressive agenda as the anecdote America desperately needs.

The Cherokee Nation blasted Warren for the test, which they said was a false claim to tribal membership, leading the senator to apologise. Mr Trump had always been calling her "fake Pocahontas". Edward J. Markey, along with local officials whom Warren has backed.

Warren later released DNA results that showed extremely minor traces of Native American ancestry, perhaps less than the average American.

At the MA event, Warren added some biographical elements, describing herself, as a young mother entering law school, having to quickly toilet-train her toddler so she could leave the child at a day-care center while she attended classes.

"If they are going to toss her out of the ring over that, then they aren't looking deep enough", said Sheri Clark Nadell, 58, a high school teacher. "I am in that fight all the way", she said.

"The rich and powerful use fear to divide us", she said.

The plan, according to documents provided by the campaign, would impose a 2% tax on Americans whose net worth exceeds $50 million. Billionaires and big corporations decided they wanted more of the pie.

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The senator accused rich people of waging class warfare against the working class for years, and vowed to fight back. "I say it's time to fight back". Her ancestry drew fresh scrutiny earlier this week with the discovery that she described her race as American Indian on a form to join the Texas legal bar in the 1980s.

"Race matters - and we need to say so", Warren said, noting that blacks continue to face, for example, discriminatory housing practices.

"If you don't have money and you don't have connections, Washington doesn't want to hear from you", Warren said.

The Massachusetts senator revealed on New Years Eve that she was forming an exploratory committee to test the waters for her likely presidential run. Some of her grandchildren are also expected to be in attendance.

Warren and the other women running so far, among whom are Senators Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand, are hoping to build on the success of women candidates who played a significant role in Democrats regaining control of the U.S. House of Representatives in November's congressional elections. A year before any ballots are cast in a Democratic primary, many of those candidates are spending this weekend talking to voters in the early-nominating states of Iowa, New Hampshire and SC.

However, when all is said and done, almost two dozen Democrats are expected to enter the fray, with others like Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, California Congressman Eric Swalwell and former Texas Congressman Beto O'Rourke having signaled they're considering a run. Kirsten Gillibrand is visiting SC.

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