How to blur your background on Skype video calls

Judy Cobb
February 8, 2019

According to Skype's announcement, the new feature works like the background blur functionality in Microsoft Teams, which was introduced back in September.

The desktop Skype client now supports blurring the background of your video calls so that all the clutter and mess that, ahem, some of us accumulate no longer needs to be broadcast to everyone you talk to.

On its blog, Microsoft-owned Skype introduced what it calls "background blur", which is created to do just that. Background blur is available on desktops and laptops running the latest version of Skype, but the feature is still somewhat experimental. You can download it at this link. As working from a remote office is becoming more common, this feature was aimed to let you work from a home office without fear of someone bursting into your room during a call and embarrassing you.

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Bottom line: Microsoft's new background blur feature will be incredibly handy but as Redmond warns, it isn't failproof. To enable it, simply hover over the video button and select "blur my background". Microsoft said the AI is specifically trained to detect things like hands, arms and hair to keep them sharp while blurring everything else.

The background blurring feature has already been rolled out to Microsoft's corporate communication client, Teams, and now it's in the consumer-oriented app.

In its post announcing the feature, Microsoft cautions users against an over-reliance on background blur - in other words, it doesn't have a guaranteed 100 percent success rate. But Skype is now touting its new ability to blur.

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