Nintendo delays its very first Mario Kart game for mobile

Judy Cobb
February 7, 2019

According to Nintendo, the game is being delayed to make sure it's up to the company's usual quality standards. The trio has released and operated various online and mobile games and NHN Entertainment is reportedly responsible for content development in the new game partnership.

Nintendo first confirmed Mario Kart Tour for mobile exactly one year ago today. Even with things as they are, though, Nintendo has kept details of the planned title under tight wraps. Nintendo has been sticking to this formula for all of its mobile releases, which has resulted in billions of installs of Nintendo games across Android and iOS, but as we all know, installs don't necessarily translate to any money made.

Looking to the quality of Nintendo's past mobile efforts, this will likely be good news for players in the end.

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Nintendo has been diversifying its business. Nintendo had previously projected 20 million Switch sales in this fiscal year but recently altered that to 17 million. Since then the console has sold exceptionally well, and many games sell best there.

The news comes after Nintendo said it would be putting back the smartphone release of Mario Kart Tour from March until the summer, as the company works on final improvements to the quality of the application. Pokemon Go, played on cell phones, has proved a giant hit around the world. That in itself brings problems, as you'd lose compatibility with games that require single Joy-con controls, like Super Mario Party. "Mamma Mia!" after learning the latest title won't be released on time.

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