2-for-1: Total Lunar Eclipse Comes With Supermoon Bonus

Cristina Cross
January 22, 2019

A composite photo shows all the phases of the so-called Super Blood Wolf Moon total lunar eclipse on Sunday January 20, 2019 in Panama City.

CNN's George Engels shared images of the lunar eclipse taken by his father William on an iPhone between 2.25 and 2.40 am from La Carolina, 12 miles west of Maldonado, Uruguay. It was called a "super blood wolf moon" because the moon was at its closest point in its orbit to the Earth, making it appear larger than normal, or "super"; a "blood" moon because of the reddish hue from the eclipse; and a "wolf" moon, which is the name for January's full moon. A full moon occurs every 29.5 days when Earth is directly aligned between the sun and the moon.

The lunar eclipse is in Leo while the sun is in Aquarius.

Vincent said the lunar eclipse should expose changes in life that need to happen but have been neglected.

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This happens because blue light undergoes stronger atmospheric scattering, so red light will be the most dominant color highlighted as sunlight passes through our atmosphere and casts it on the moon.

A picture taken on January 21, 2019 in Duisburg shows a view of the Super Blood Moon above an industrial plant during a lunar eclipse.

The last total lunar eclipse, which occurred in July, was visible only over parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Ireland is set to see the most impressive lunar eclipse tomorrow Monday 21 for the next 14 years and astronomers are even advising that people take a day off to see it.

. The next chance for a glimpse at a lunar eclipse will be in 2022, but the entire continent won't be able to see the totality of a lunar eclipse again until 2029.

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