Verizon to offer Call Filter service to all of its customers

Judy Cobb
January 21, 2019

The service also lets users report robocall numbers, which are added to Verizon's database of almost 300 million phone numbers known to engage in SMS spam and robocalls, to be blocked network-wide. All the tools that a Verizon customer will need to effectively fight this technological plague will be provided by the carrier for free in about two months.

Known as the Call Filter service, which was previously offered as a $3 add-on for interested Verizon subscribers, was met with some resistance at first because it was a paid option.

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Beginning this March, Verizon is rolling out spam alerting and call blocking tools to all wireless customers absolutely free of charge. Verizon said it alerted customers to a billion sketchy calls since. Verizon announced that beginning March, it will offer its third-party spam and robocalling protection features. If the score is above the threshold, the service replaces the Caller ID number or ID with "spam". There will be more information on how to sign up for the free service as we get closer to launch.

Carriers already engage in large-scale efforts behind the scenes to prevent spam and scam calls from reaching customers-surprising, given the number that do make it through. Obviously, Verizon's system isn't going to work 100% of the time, especially since robocallers and scammers like to spoof their numbers to make them appear local, but the company touts that its tools have blocked nearly one billion robocalls over the past year. While it's disappointing that it took this long for Verizon to give all of its customers unrestricted access to tools that can keep them safe from robocalls (and help them retain their sanity when their phones are ringing off the hook dozens of times a week), it's nice to see carriers begin to take spam more seriously.

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