Total lunar eclipse set to wow star gazers, clear skies willing

Cristina Cross
January 20, 2019

Weather permitting, the total lunar eclipse should be visible from the United Kingdom for a reasonable amount of time.

The Moon will be partially eclipsed between 03.35 and 6.51am, with the total eclipse from 4.42am until 5.44am.

The current forecast is for light cloud so keep your fingers crossed.

She says we can also expect to see hidden secrets revealed around our politicians.

University of York expert Dr Emily Brunsden, who hosts the astronomy podcast Syzygy, told our sister title The Press a bit more about it.

Stargazers are hoping for a clear night as the "supermoon" event brings wonderment to the sky in the early hours of Monday.

A total lunar eclipse and super blood wolf moon are going to play out simultaneously, promising a picturesque cosmic scene for skygazers.

As previously mentioned, the difference in size and brightness is due to the moon's proximity to Earth.

Walter Freeman, an assistant teaching professor at Syracuse University in NY state, said: "A little bit of sunlight is refracted by the Earth's atmosphere and reaches the Moon, bending around the edges of the Earth".

He said: "The amount of sunlight that hits the Moon is much reduced, and what sunlight does hit the Moon has to pass through the Earth's atmosphere". In essence, what will be seen is a "super blood moon". "We won't get another one for a couple of years". Better luck next time.

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How can I watch the Super Blood Wolf Moon and is it safe?

A "blood moon", tinted red because it is in Earth's shadow, rising over the eastern horizon, as seen from the Fiske Planetarium on the University of Colorado campus on September 27, 2015.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes between the moon and the sun, obscuring any direct sunlight from hitting the moon.

What are the chances of seeing it?

"The moon should be high in the south western sky at the start and low in the west at the finish".

"This lunar eclipse occurs in the astrological sign of Leo", she explains.

"The next total eclipse is not until 2021 in May, and there won't be almost as good visibility in the USA for that one", he said.

What is a Blood Moon?

It's not every year that a "super blood wolf moon" can be seen, and skywatchers across the world are awaiting this rare astronomical phenomenon, which is slated to take place early on Monday morning in Europe and Africa but will begin late at night in the Americas. At the moon's next apogee in February, when the moon is farthest from Earth, it will be 252,622 miles (406,555 km) away from Earth.

The "wolf" part of this month's moon moniker is simply a reference to the month of January. "With this eclipse, our plan is to have telescopes around the museum because you can see it from anywhere as long as the weather is fine".

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