'Choose Your Own Adventure' is Suing Netflix Over 'Bandersnatch'

Sergio Cunningham
January 13, 2019

In the film, Stefan (Fionn Whitehead) explained to his dad that the video game Bandersnatch is based on a book series which he described as "choose your own adventure".

The suit also mentions that Bandersnatch contains an explicit reference to Choose Your Own Adventure with the main character telling his father about the series. According to the suit, it's not that Netflix didn't realize the phrase "choose your own adventure" was a trademark; it's that it wasn't able to secure a license from the company and used the phrase anyway.

A Vermont children's book publisher is suing Netflix.

Chooseco, the company responsible for all our childhood frustrations, has filed a lawsuit claiming that Netflix willfully infringed upon the series" trademark in Black Mirror: "Bandersnatch.

Netflix was allegedly in negotiations with Chooseco to get the rights to the book series, rights that it did not acquire. "The misappropriation of the trademark without permission puts Chooseco in a hard situation as the graphic and offensive nature of the content is particularly damaging for fans of the series young and old, and tarnishes the mark".

This is not the first time that Chooseco has gone to court over the use of "Choose Your Own Adventure".

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Chooseco is seeking at least $25 million in damages, and has issued a cease-and-desist request against Netflix regarding its use of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" mark in another one of its programs.

Furthermore, the publisher claims that it has registered the phrase in connection with movies, books and other forms of media.

The plaintiff said 20th Century Fox now holds an options contract to develop an interactive series based on the books, which allow readers to influence the story they are reading by turning to different pages.

Netflix has no comment on the matter.

The publisher is now demanding a United States district court in Vermont force Netflix to pay at least $25 million in damages over the trademark infringement.

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