Missing Wife of Norwegian Tycoon Likely Kidnapped as Captors Demand Ransom

Leroy Wright
January 10, 2019

Kidnappers are demanding a ransom after taking the wife of one of Norway's richest men hostage.

Chief investigator Tommy Broeske said the threats in the note were "of a very serious character". The police have also recommended the family not to pay the ransom that was requested in exchange for the promise that she would be released.

The missing woman's husband, Tom Hagen, 68, is Norway's 172nd richest man, according to the magazine Kapital, with an estimated fortune of 1.7 billion kroner (174 million euros, $200 million). It is the country's first kidnap for crypto ransom.

This has reportedly forced authorities to investigate the case in secret, supported by Interpol and the national police. According to the local VG newspaper, the kidnappers left a written note in the couple's home saying the woman would be killed if the police got involved.

Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, 68, who is married to multimillionaire Tom Hagen, vanished on October 31 - but news of her disappearance was only just made public.

Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, 68, the wife of real estate investor Tom Hagen, went missing on October 31, but news of her disappearance had not previously been disclosed and police said they could not confirm whether she was still alive.

He said police had no suspects so far.

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The police chose to go public with the case after ten weeks because they wanted more information pertaining the case.

There have been no signs of life from the 68-year-old, police say, but no indication she is dead either.

The kidnappers are said to have asked for the ransom to be paid in cryptocurrency Monero, which can be sent and received anonymously.

News of the months-long disappearance was first reported by the newspaper Aftenposten early on Wednesday, which said it had known about the case for some time but had chosen not to publish details to protect Mrs Hagen.

Police believe she disappeared from the couple's home, 31 miles from the Swedish border.

Police work outside of the house of of Norwegian multi-millionaire Tom Hagen in Fjellhamar, East of Oslo.

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