Marvel teases Fantastic Four content coming to Spider-Man PS4

Sergio Cunningham
January 10, 2019

Marvel has started acknowledging the Fantastic Four again and they're being inserted into a host of mobile games and Sony's PS4 smash. It's going to be incredible and fantastic, ' said Marvel's Ryan Penagos. Along with these six new characters, Crystal and She-Hulk - existing Marvel Future Fight characters who have been friends and former members of the Fantastic Four team - will all receive new Fantastic Four uniforms.

No hints so far as to what exactly this might entail, and the game's developers Insomniac are keeping hush, merely pointing to a tweet by Marvel asking fans to guess what the surprise might be.

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The most popular theory is that one or more Fantastic Four spidey suits are on the way.

Hmmm, so what kind of Fantastic Four content could be coming to Spider-Man? Outside of the three paid DLC packs, which each included three new DLC suits, Insomniac also debuted a suit based on Sam Raimi's Spider-Man for free. The most obvious thing would be another new costume - Spider-Man briefly joined the "Fantastic Foundation" version of the Fantastic Four, during which he wore a pretty stylish white-and-black costume. Spider-Man's final piece of DLC in The City That Never Sleeps trilogy, Silver Lining, released just before the new year. That said, could we be getting something more? First introduced in 1961, Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards), The Invisible Woman (Susan Richards), the Human Torch (Johnny Storm), and The Thing (Ben Grimm) have taken generations of readers along on some of the greatest comic adventure stories ever told.

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