Family's unnerving find on security camera outside front door

Leroy Wright
January 9, 2019

The incident happened at a residence in Salinas.

He carried on licking for three hours.

"We were pleasantly surprised the image was so clear, it didn't take us long to identify the individual", Cabrera told KION-TV.

"I thought, 'Boy! There's a lot of traffic, '" Sylvia Dungan said.

The couple had been out of town, during the unusual incident, but their children were sleep inside the family's home. The theft charges stem from the fact Arroyo removed several extension cords connected to Christmas lights from the front yard of the victim residence.

A family in Salinas called police after their security system caught the man going to town on their doorbell.

Roberto Daniel Arroyo was caught on CCTV licking a doorbell for three hours. Pic
Image The 33-year-old changed angles several times as he licked the doorbell. Pic

They didn't wake up to the noise, but the families surveillance system notifies them when there's movement out front.

The footage also showed the man appearing to relieve himself.

They then reviewed the security video and made the alarming discovery.

Authorities say the footage has helped them identify the man, but he is not in custody.

"He's obviously being pretty perverted and weird about it", said Commander Matt Maldonado of the Salinas Police Department, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

She added that "you kind of laugh" about the situation "because technically he didn't do anything".

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