Google's Fuchsia OS Spotted With Android Apps Support Through Android Runtime

Judy Cobb
January 4, 2019

Apple has a monopoly on its devices which allows the company to roll out updates quickly, whereas Google has to configure its Android Pie for various devices considering there are a myriad of smartphones running on Android.

It was last month when two new repositories were added to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) manifest that pertained to Fuchsia OS. It says that Fuchsia Device Targets are used to build ART (Android Runtime) for Fuchsia, and both arm64 and X86_64 architectures are mentioned in the listing. Not all details are clear at the moment, but the confirmation is quite obvious, which are great news, of course. Overnight, reports have confirmed this to be the case, with a new change found in the Android Open Source Project.

We already know that Google is working on a successor to Android.

So, What Is Fuchsia And When Is It Coming? After all, development work on operating systems never actually ends, and it sounds like Apple is already testing iOS 13.

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According to Andrii Kulian - engineer at Google's Android Frameworks - Android apps will be able to work across three categories of devices: phones (including foldable ones), desktop PCs (in free-form windowing mode), and embedded systems (like cars). The first - "platform/prebuilts/fuchsia_sdk" contains a pre-built copy of the Fuchsia SDK, which would be used to create applications.

What is Google Fuchsia OS?

To put it simply, Fuchsia OS looks to be Google's way of unifying Chrome and Android into a single, more efficient operating system - but when it will finally become available to the public remains to be seen.

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