Google celebrates New Year's Eve with a doodle

Judy Cobb
January 2, 2019

Google celebrated New Year's Eve with a colourful doodle, resonating with the spirited and enthusiastic mood that everyone is towards the end of the year. The New Year's Eve doodle consists of two baby elephants who are tossing balloons and eating popcorn. Monday's animated Doodle stars a pair of pachyderms happily using their trunks to prepare for their party - one blowing up balloons, while the other makes sure there isn't too much popcorn lying around. For the Google doodle the company ask the designers and also invite designs from people who will modify its logo and create something related to the occasion. In the blog post detailing the doodle, Google says we will sing that song "Should old acquaintance be forgot" and quickly adds that Elephants never forget.

This information is followed by images that could be shared as wishes for the coming year and on the left-hand side lists Twitter reactions of the people on this day. Today will be the New Year's Eve and we hope that you must have some fantastic plans. Besides this on the wall, there is a clock that is just about to strike midnight symptomatic of New Year's Eve 2018.

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The smartphone was rumoured to arrive in 2018 but was delayed due to some production line issues related to the cameras. The video also tauts high levels of detail with the camera being able to capture five images simultaneously.

The celebration around the world involves people gathering in the evening, where they eat, dance, drink and watch or light fireworks.

Last year, Google marked the occasion with a doodle featuring a family of penguins and parrots.

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