IDF: Hezbollah planned to conquer Galilee

Leroy Wright
December 8, 2018

Israel launched an operation dubbed "Northern Shield" on Tuesday to destroy tunnels it said were dug across the border by the Shiite militant group Hezbollah.

Speaking to Israel's Army Radio, Ya'alon said that the Israeli officials lied about the tunnels for years before they chose to carry out an operation to destroy them earlier this week.

Benjamin Netanyahu toured the operation's area with a group of ambassadors Thursday.

"The Israelis have clearly been planning this for months, which means that Hezbollah must have been working on these tunnels for years before they were detected and Israel planned its response", said one senior USA official who works on Israel issues but was not authorized to speak on the record about the tense situation.

The United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) will send a technical team to "ascertain facts" about alleged Hezbollah tunnels in Israel, a statement issued by the agency said Wednesday. UNIFIL's commander, Dick Cole, is in close contact with all the Lebanese armed forces and the Israeli army, and wants all sides to maintain calm. "We assume that it will take quite a lot of time to expose and destroy all of the tunnels, and we will continue to do so until all of the tunnels have been destroyed", he concluded.

Engineering work along the Israel Lebanon border
Engineering work along the Israel Lebanon border

According to i24news' source, Hezbollah claimed the two men appearing in the video were drug dealers and not a part of the Hezbollah organization. In Gaza, Israel is always sought to uncover Hezbollah tunnels, and in southern Syria, the movements of this regime have not stopped in the occupied the Golan Heights.

The United States remains "very troubled" by the discovery of these tunnels in Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon that led into Israel across its northern border. New U.S. sanctions appear to have further constrained Iran's economy, which already had been teetering on the brink of collapse amid popular protests against the hardline regime. The second tunnel started in the Lebanese village of Ramyeh and crossed into Israel near Zarit. Last November, Israeli jets flew over Northern Lebanon, the Bekaa Valley and the South.

"That campaign is being accompanied by a number of extremely serious acts, of which the most recent is that Israel has breached the Lebanese communications grid by hacking into the telephone network and sending recorded messages to peaceable civilian inhabitants.warning them of imminent explosions to take place on Lebanese territory that might put their lives at risk", the Lebanese complaint argued.

The resolution required Israel to withdraw forces from southern Lebanon, in addition to demanding the "disarmament of all armed groups in Lebanon", including Hezbollah. "That enemy is called Iran", he said.

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