Former US president George HW Bush dies aged 94

Leroy Wright
December 4, 2018

George H.W. Bush died at the age of 94 on November 30, 2018.

"Jeb, Neil, Marvin, Doro, and I are saddened to announce that after 94 remarkable years, our dear Dad has died", George Bush Jr, who went on to serve as the 43rd United States president, said in a statement.

Democratic Senator Mark Warner said: "George H.W. Bush was a class act - a person of tremendous strength and moral character who exemplified the values of public service".

Former Vice President Dan Quayle, who served alongside former President George H.W. Bush, called his old friend a "role model" and a "completely genuine, decent and honorable person". He was released a few days later and celebrated his birthday on June 12 - making history by becoming the first former president to reach the age of 94.

George Snr was admitted back into hospital the day after Barbara's funeral when an existing infection spread to his blood.

Bush was a steadfast force on the global stage for decades, from his stint as an envoy to Beijing to his eight years as vice president and his one term as commander in chief from 1989 to 1993.

Son of a senator, father of a president, Bush was the man with the golden resume who rose through the political ranks, from congressman to United Nations ambassador, Republican Party chairman to envoy to China, CIA director to two-term vice president under the hugely popular Ronald Reagan.

George Herbert Walker Bush, the Connecticut Yankee who came to Texas to be an oilman, died as the patriarch of a Republican political dynasty.

George Snr then took on the role of director of the Central Intelligence Agency in the mid 1970s.

'Mission complete': Bush's service dog lies by casket
The image shows the former President's service dog lying next to his coffin during a service in Houston. The plans for Bush's funeral were all put into place before Trump was ever elected, sources tell CNN.

Bush faced a serious challenge when Iraqi President Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990.

In the 1988 presidential race, Bush and his running mate, Indiana Sen.

After two terms and another failed Senate bid in 1970, he was appointed by President Richard Nixon as US ambassador to the United Nations. One newsmagazine suggested he was a "wimp", but his work-hard, play-hard approach to the presidency won broad public approval.

The longest living president in U.S. history, one of his biggest achievements was steering America through the end of the Cold War.

In 1992, George Snr failed to be re-elected, losing to Bill Clinton.

Ronald Reagan, the former actor and California governor, vanquished him in the Republican primaries but chose Bush as his running mate, hoping Bush's reputation as a moderate would balance his own hard, conservative image.

"After seventy-three years of marriage, George and Barbara Bush are together again now, two points of light that never dimmed, two points of light that ignited countless others with their example". It was the longest marriage among any US presidential couples. "She's now buried here at the library", Finch said.

Last year, George Snr was one of many men in power who faced allegations of sexual harassment.

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