Microsoft Office 365 Icons Updated With New Design To Reflect Cloud

Judy Cobb
December 3, 2018

For students and desk workers all over the world, the Microsoft Office app icons are, ahem, iconic. This is the first time that Microsoft has made changes to Office icons in five years. Now, the software giant is updating Office to reflect the new design starting with the Office icons themselves. New icons show how different Microsoft Office with new features based on artificial intelligence and more advanced features for collaboration.

The changes hint at some of the coming changes to the Microsoft Office productivity suite.

The redesigns implement Microsoft's language which the company has incorporated into Windows 10 since past year.

We can also see changes to the News, Calculator and Calendar icons, which in many ways herald a partial return to skeuomorphism.

This week, head of Microsoft Office design Jon Friedman unveiled the overhauled Office icons on Medium where he also outlined the thought-process behind the redesign.

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Each icon has symbols that are unique and denotes a connection with the collective suite. Microsoft says it wants to have a common design language that transcends platforms yet easily recognizable. But now, it has been redesigned to emphasize the symbol, because it connects more to people's creation, while the letter can represent the tool itself.

The icons take on a simpler look that deemphasizes the letter of each app but still retain the familiarity users have come to expect (OneDrive is just a cloud).

Microsoft Office has been the gold standard for the word with over 1 billion users across the globe over various platforms like iOS, Android and Mac. This is the longest Microsoft has gone without updating its Office icons since 2003.

On Thursday, Microsoft previewed the new look, which swaps out the flat-design for thicker, 3D-looking symbols.

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