Valve Discontinues Steam Link Streaming Box

Judy Cobb
November 21, 2018

Oh poor Steam Link, you were a useful little device that just didn't have the router bandwidth needed a lot of the time. Both devices were designed with the goal of tackling PC gaming in the living room.

The company isn't leaving existing Steam Link owners with nothing.

Valve has now announced that the Steam Link is being discontinued, with stock of the device entirely sold out in Europe, and almost all gone in the US.

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It launched in November 2015 and allowed people to stream Steam games from their PC to their telly, but Valve has today announced that they're pulling the plug on the Steam Link. Now the company has announced that it's sold all its units in Europe, is close to selling out in the US and doesn't plan to introduce more hardware in the near future. Their plan is to instead focus on the Steam Link app for mobile doodads and certain models of television. The Android version is still in beta, and the iOS app, which had been rejected by the Apple App Store back in May, was subsequently tweaked - then vanished.

At the time of writing the Steam Link can be had on Steam for $60, but stock does seem to be running low.

If you check it out, the links have been removed from Steam, and if you try to load up an old page on it, you get redirected.

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