Google Assistant Can Now Be Launched Using Siri Shortcuts

Judy Cobb
November 21, 2018

This means that you could actually say “Hey Siri, Hey Google”, then wait a few seconds for Assistant to open and then speak your command to Google.

Google has been working hard to catch up with Siri on iOS since Google apps have always been of secondary choice as Apple offers its own offering for Music, Maps and many other features. Lets face it, many people find Siri to be inferior to the Google Assistant in many aspects including voice recognition.

The latest version of the iOS Google Assistant app now creates Siri Shortcuts for you. But, hilariously, the method requires you to ask Siri to call up Google Assistant.

You Can Now Use ‘Hey Siri’ to Trigger Google Assistant Using Siri Shortcuts
Google takes a Shortcut to link Assistant and Siri

Well, this is insidious: Google has figured out a way to subvert Siri so that you can use it to summon Google Assistant on the iPhone instead. If you have to manually open an app by scrolling around your homepage and tapping on an app to open it, you may as well manually look up the answer to whatever question you're asking.

A new report from marketing agency Stone Temple Consulting confirms what we knew already: Google Assistant is the most efficient virtual assistant as compared to its top rivals. You could instead use something shorter and easier to say as well. However, it is the only viable method given the restrictions that iOS and Apple impose on application developers. Everything feels more cumbersome than it should be, but if you really do need to be able to talk to Google Assistant from your iPhone, iPad, or indeed your HomePod, there is not a way to do exactly that. Apple's Siri came out last for efficiency ... Prior to this there was an option to add an Assistant widget on the left of the lock screen and the user can record the phrase like usual "OK Google" then whenever any comment is given to Siri, the Assistant will start listening for the comment automatically.

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