Fight over Jim Acosta's White House press pass seems far from over

Leroy Wright
November 19, 2018

CNN reported on Sunday night that the White House has sent a letter to Acosta informing him of that planned action.

A lawsuit by CNN prompted a federal judge to restore Acosta's press pass after the White House suspended it following a testy exchange in which Acosta refused to give up the microphone at a news conference.

Supporters of Trump's banning of Acosta believe that his disruptive behavior flouted accepted standards of White House decorum, while CNN and Acosta supporters point out disruptive questions are a time-honored journalist tradition.

A federal judge on Friday ordered that Acosta's credentials be restored, after he granted CNN's request for a 14-day temporary restraining order, ruling that the administration failed to give their chief White House correspondent his due process by revoking his hard pass after a contentious November 7 press conference.

Though officials revoked Acosta's "hard pass", that did not prevent him from obtaining a daily pass.

CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter revealed the plan in his "Reliable Sources" newsletter.

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Kelly ruled in CNN's favor and criticized the White House's decision to arbitrarily suspend Acosta's press pass.

"If they don't listen to the rules and regulations, we'll end up back in court and will win", Trump said, adding, "But more importantly, we'll just leave, and then you won't be very happy. We're doing that. We're going to write them up right now", Trump said. "It's not a big deal and if he misbehaves, we'll throw him out or we'll stop the news conference", Trump said.

After Trump called on Acosta at a November 7 news conference, Acosta asked multiple questions about immigration and the Russian Federation investigation. After the ruling came down in his favour, Acosta was all smiles, saying, "I want to thank all of my colleagues in the press who supported us this week, and I want to thank the judge for the decision he made today, and let's go back to work".

The White House later backed down on this claim, claiming that it removed the Hard Pass because Acosta asked too many questions.

"From the looks of the letter, the [White House] is trying to establish a paper trail that will empower the administration to boot Acosta again at the end of the month", Stelter wrote. "These actions threaten all journalists and news organizations".

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