America Is Worried About Antibiotic Resistance

Pearl Mccarthy
November 18, 2018

"Imposing a rational antibiotic drug use policy is possible", said Dr Sarman Singh, AIIMS Bhopal director during a meeting of stakeholders on the occasion of World Antibiotic Awareness Week.

Overusing antibiotics allows bacteria to develop resistance, and then such potentially deadly bacteria can rapidly multiply and spread. Our practice is for your protection - you may not be able to get antibiotics when you want them, but you will be able to get antibiotics when you NEED them!

The CDC says, each year, more than two million people in the USA develop antibiotic-resistant infections, leading to at least 23,000 deaths. National treatment guidelines do not recommend antibiotic use for several acute respiratory conditions, including viral upper respiratory tract infections (common cold), bronchitis/bronchiolitis, asthma/allergy, influenza, nonsuppurative middle ear infections (those without infected fluid in the middle ear), and viral pneumonia. He said in the recent years the misuse of antibiotics had increased up to 36 per cent.

The survey of more than 1,000 adults found that 65 percent believe antibiotic resistance is a public health problem, and 81 percent are anxious that antibiotic resistance will make more infections hard to treat or even deadly.

He said that self-medication especially of antibiotic medicines should be discouraged by all the quarters concerned. The direct consequences of infection with resistant microorganisms are severe with effect of longer illness, prolonged hospital stay, loss of patient protection undergoing surgical and other medical invasive procedures thereby resulting in increased mortality and health care costs.

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According to the health ministry, the core focus should be on ensuring the rational use of antibiotics in the hospitals and veterinary centers and enhancing public education and at the same time. Improving the way health care providers prescribe antibiotics, and how people take them, will help fight antibiotic resistance. They also estimate that approximately three-quarters of the burden of these infections are due to healthcare-associated infections. Among these are the One Health Approach and the Manual of Procedures for Implementing AMS Programs in Hospitals.

Fighting AMR does not only lead to better health, it also has major economic benefit.

"The Framework identifies opportunities for action and desired outcomes under four pillars: surveillance, stewardship, infection prevention and control, and research and innovation", the spokesperson said in a statement. Dr. Johns says to ask your doctor what signs to watch for.

"We are driven by our desire to protect public health and address the medical needs of people suffering from different illnesses, including infectious diseases", said medical doctor Angelica Claveria, senior medical manager of Pfizer Philippines.

The World Health Organisation's Antibiotic Awareness Week highlights increasing concerns about the emergence of bacterial strains showing resistance to all classes of antibiotics.

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