Trump Threatens to Investigate Democrats if They Probe His Administration

Leroy Wright
November 12, 2018

Democrats have regained control of the House of Representatives after an eight-year one-party rule in Congress.

But even if House Democrats start going down the impeachment trail, Mr. Trump still has the Senate on his side, which could save his presidency.

Democrats took control of the House of Representatives for the first time since 2011, giving them a powerful check on Trump's legislative agenda.

The likely new House speaker, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, a veteran progressive from San Francisco who's held the post before, also made clear that the new majority would exert an institutional check on the White House.

Despite the results, Trump wrote on Twitter, "Tremendous success tonight". In most cases, that is not a strictly fair conclusion - just witness Brazil, where the far-right candidate won because the far more popular lefty candidate was locked up in jail - but at the same time, if a country is even nominally democratic, the actions, rhetoric, and beliefs of the government do bear on how the public votes to some degree.

A first salvo is expected to come from Representative Richard Neal, who will likely be the Democratic chairman of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee, and who has said he will demand Trump's tax returns from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. In pressing for what he views as better trade terms for America, he has imposed import tariffs and pushed Canada and Mexico into agreeing an overhaul of the NAFTA trade accord. And he is well aware of the issues it could raise for Trump and for Congress.

After Trump won several Midwest states that had always been in the Democratic column, the party had hoped to rebuild its Midwest "blue wall". On legislative prospects, Trump said he could potentially work with Democrats on issues such as taxes, infrastructure and health care, saying it "really could be a attractive, bipartisan type of situation".

Washington could now face deep political polarisation and legislative gridlock following the divide.

By turns combative and conciliatory, Trump said Democrats and Republicans should set aside partisanship to work together.

Late Tuesday night, Minnesota House Speaker Daudt conceded Republicans will lose control of state House as Democrats sweep suburbs.

Considering what we've seen, can you imagine what his next presidential race will be like?

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Losing the House will test Trump's ability to compromise, something he has shown little interest in over the last two years with Republicans controlling both chambers of Congress.

Rashida Tlaib's uncle, Bassam Tlaib, said Wednesday that "the family, the village and the region are all proud" of her historic victory. In a tweet Wednesday, he referred to the election results as a "Big Victory". We will fill in the gaps on the Russian investigations.

The German bank lent Trump more than $400 million during a decade-long real estate buying spree that began in 2005, largely through its private wealth management office, not the commercial banking division that typically handles real estate.

Mouin Rabbani, an independent Palestinian analyst, says he expects very little impact on Trump's Middle East policies.

Every seat in the House was up for grabs on Tuesday. With 218 seats needed for a majority, Democrats have won 219 and the Republicans 193, with winners undetermined in 23 races.

Republicans netted three Senate seats on Tuesday, with Arizona and Montana still yet to be called.

When the new Congress sits in early January, it will look quite a bit different to the president.

A House majority would be enough to impeach Trump if evidence surfaced of collusion by his campaign, or of obstruction by the president of the federal investigation. They included New Jersey Sen.

Democrats have taken back the House. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York) became the first woman in her 20s to win a seat, and was later joined by 29-year old Abby Finkenauer (Iowa).

Liberal Beto O'Rourke's underdog Senate campaign fell short in conservative Texas against Republican Ted Cruz. In Georgia, Republican Brian Kemp received 50.5 percent of the electoral vote for governor, beating the progressive candidate Stacey Abrams by a small margin; if elected, Abrams would have been the first black woman elected as governor in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Sen. Bill Nelson is calling for a recount in his race against the state's outgoing Republican governor, Rick Scott.

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