Some iPhone X devices have touchscreen problems

Judy Cobb
November 11, 2018

Canadian devices are on the list of affected countries, according to Apple. It turns out some of the new displays Apple offered in the iPhone X had a faulty part that, when it failed, caused the screen to become intermittently or wholly unresponsive to touch. That includes Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who reported on the issue yesterday and posted a video past year of his iPhone X screen woes. As with any repairs where your device will be undergoing major surgery, Apple suggests that you perform an iTunes or iCloud backup before bringing your iPhone X in for service.

The company said affected laptops could be serviced at one of its retail locations or an Apple Authorised Service Provider for free as well. Or, the display might react even though it was not touched.

Users have reported the touch screen issues online for several months.

Apple said that on some iPhone X devices, display screens are experiencing touch issues. That being said, the latest iPhones have also seen a few issues since launch such as the XS and XS Max not charging when the Lightning cable is plugged in and the selfie camera "Beautygate" issue, both of which have been quietly fixed by Apple through software update.

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Apple warns that a cracked screen or other damage that impairs the fix will need to be fixed before the device is serviced.

A working iPhone X display.

Apple also said a "limited number" of 13-inch MacBook Pros have "an issue that may result in data loss and failure of the drive".

If you have had either of these issues repaired by Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider then you should get in touch with Apple to arrange a refund.

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