Final Fantasy 15 DLC roadmap axed: This is why

Judy Cobb
November 10, 2018

As explained by global brand director Akio Ofuji in the video above, only the Episode Ardyn of the "Dawn of the Future" series will launch, in 2019. To make matters worse, Final Fantasy XV's director Hajime Tabata has stepped down from the company.

Bottom line: Amid significant losses and the resignation of Luminous Productions studio head Hajime Tabata, the fate of Final Fantasy XV is all but sealed.

Tabata hasn't announced what he will be doing next but Luminous Productions will continue to exist under Square Enix.

The first of Final Fantasy XV's four planned DLCs will still see release in early 2019.

Square Enix also confirmed during the livestream that the team at Luminous Productions - which has been responsible for supporting Final Fantasy 15 throughout the years - is now working on a new project, and it seems likely that it'll focus its full efforts on whatever that game is once Ardyn's DLC releases in March 2019.

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The cancellation of future FFXV content is unfortunate news for fans, as is Tabata's exit from the company.

In a surprising and drastic move, Square Enix have chose to can the production of more DLC for Final Fantasy XV and write off the costs of its production, as they look to point Luminous Productions toward creating new AAA games. Squeenix expand elsewhere that they "decided to focus [Luminous's] development efforts on large-scale, high-quality AAA game titles, which best leverages [their] strengths". "For that reason, I have made a decision to leave my current position and start my own business in order to achieve my goal".

If you were looking forward to the four new DLC story packs on the way to Final Fantasy 15, then we've got some sour news for you. Comrades will include 10 new bosses, costumes, and weapons. There are plans to release a new anime short, and a collaboration with MMO Final Fantasy XIV will arrive on December 12th.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available now worldwide for PlayStation 4, and Dissidia Final Fantasy is available in Japanese arcades.

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