Memorial Service For Jamal Khashoggi In Washington

Leroy Wright
November 3, 2018

Today marks one month since Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul and was assassinated.

The White House was aware of the crown prince's hostility to Khashoggi, a Virginia resident and columnist for The Washington Post, as early as October 9.

Abdulhamit Gul added that Saudi Arabia must co-operate in the investigation into the murder of Mr Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and there must be no further cover-up.

Khashoggi disappeared shortly after entering the consulate October 2 to obtain documents for his planned marriage, with Saudi officials giving shifting explanations for his death.

On Thursday US secretary of State Mike Pompeo said it would be a "handful more weeks" before the US knew enough to impose sanctions on individuals involved in Khashoggi's killing. "As a result of our efforts, the world has learned that Khashoggi was killed in cold blood by a death squad, and it has been established that his murder was premeditated", Erdogan wrote in The Post.

The claim echoed what a Turkish official had earlier told the Washington Post - for which Khashoggi was a contributor - that authorities are investigating a theory the body was destroyed in acid.

She added, "It is now up to the worldwide community to bring the perpetrators to justice".

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Istanbul chief prosecutor Irfan Fidan said this week that Khashoggi was suffocated as soon as he entered the consulate, and his body was then cut up and disposed of.

The violent murder of a prominent journalist and commentator on foreign soil is a grave violation of human rights and a disturbing escalation of the crackdown on dissent in Saudi Arabia, whose government in recent years has jailed numerous writers, journalists, human rights advocates, and lawyers in a sweeping assault on free expression and association. The source said the body was handed over to a local "collaborator" after the killing, adding that it is not at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

The group made a decision to meet with Salman despite the controversy surrounding him because, according to the statement, "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is among the wealthiest, most powerful, and most important nations in the Middle East, in all of history".

"The Saudi officials seemed primarily interested in finding out what evidence the Turkish authorities had against the perpetrators".

It emerged this week that the prince called Khashoggi a "dangerous Islamist" in a phone call with Jared Kushner, the White House adviser and son-in-law to Donald Trump, just before Turkish police said they believed the missing journalist was dead.

The adviser, Yasin Aktay, said that's why the body of Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist and US resident, was cut into pieces.

Nicholas Heras, an analyst at the Center for a New American Security, said the Khashoggi case was the "latest chapter in Turkey and Saudi Arabia's ongoing contest over which country is better" to lead the Muslim world. She contended that the Trump administration has "taken a position that is devoid of moral foundation" because of fears of "upsetting deals or economic ties".

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