Nintendo's Switch now has more lifetime sales than the GameCube

Judy Cobb
October 31, 2018

Nintendo sold 3.19 million Switch consoles worldwide in the September quarter, up from 2.92 million units in the same period a year ago, reaching a lifetime total of 22.86 million units for the hybrid home/mobile console, surpassing the 2001-2007 era Nintendo GameCube in cumulative sales.

For the holidays, the Switch is sure to enjoy a huge boost in sales thanks to the game releases Nintendo has planned.

"The PlayStation is doing great, Spider-Man sold like insane in the second quarter", said Kazunori Ito, an analyst at Morningstar Investment Services in Tokyo. They have sold 5 million Switch consoles in the first six months of their fiscal year, with 3.2 million being sold in the recent quarter. Total software sales for Nintendo Switch reached 42.13 million units, the company said. Of course there were popular non-Nintendo titles made for the GameCube - hello, Resident Evil franchise - but the most popular games for the console were nearly invariably first-party.

Nintendo has released their results for the first half of the 2018 fiscal year, covering the period from April 1 - September 30th with focus on the period from July 1 - September 30.

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One particular selling point of the 3DS at this stage is its impressive library of games, both from Nintendo itself and third-party developers.

A weak spot in the company's results remains smartphone revenues, which only came in at $165 million (up 4.7% year over year) for the same period.

Still, Nintendo doesn't seem phased, and believes upcoming releases like Super Smash Bros. Call of Duty: Black Ops set a new PlayStation record for first-day digital sales, and other big titles coming this quarter include Battlefield V, Fallout 76 and Just Cause 4. This makes it the youngest game on the list, and with 2.16 million sold since its release late June it's another strong showing for the company's mascot.

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