Woman live streams breast cancer surgery for encouraging others to get checked

Pearl Mccarthy
October 26, 2018

A ME taxi company is going pink in support of breast cancer awareness. That's why I'm so passionate about the Wear It Pink Day every year.

It was the first thing Greene-Leech impressed on her audience Wednesday: Be on the lookout for signs of cancer and receive routine mammograms and other tests.

A woman holds the hand of her mother who is dying from cancer during her final hours at a palliative care hospital.

A Warner Robins mom says she has a family history of breast cancer, and is making sure history doesn't repeat itself.

- October is breast cancer awareness month, but a local woman works year-round to let others know about hereditary cancers. ICMR has recently drafted consensus guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Thompson is working on a bachelor's degree in social work from the university. According to National Comprehensive Cancer Network and Society of Breast Imaging, all women 40 years and above, should get annual screening done with a mammogram. She would see breast cancer patients get up from the operating table with their bare chests exposed, surrounded by all men and they would have to change in front of men. But that's not what someone fighting cancer wants to hear, she said.

Last December, during a doctor visit, Johnson found out she had a tumor in her breast.

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Thompson took the news in for a moment and then asked about her next steps, how was she going to get her health back. "She's the only one that we know of that had it".

After discovering she inherited the BRCA mutation, which put Ellyn at a greater risk for breast and ovarian cancer, she had her uterus and ovaries removed as well. She didn't cry a single tear.

Breast cancer survivors and their loved ones across the globe are trying to bring attention to the issue by participating in runs. On an average, total dose of radiation given to the breasts is about 0.4 mSv. "The auction went from the 14th of October to the 21st and I raised over $2,600". It turns out Melissa has the gene mutation while her sister does not.

"Sometimes when it is hard I think so is chemo", she said. The chemo made her sick and extremely exhausted, and 33 straight days of radiation burned her skin. She now owns that advertising firm Brogan and Partners and appreciates her time with her husband and three children. "I refused to stop working".

Never once did she second guess her decision. "Her smile and positive spirit are compelling to all who know her!"

Taylor received 30 radiation therapy treatments for about six weeks and underwent a double mastectomy in September 2015.

Columbus mayor Robert Smith spoke at the event.

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